If people see your Striped Elephant shirt and wonder, “What’s that about?”, well, that’s what it’s about.

They are simple eye-catching designs that make people wonder.

I’ve been told that there isn’t a market for designs like this. That was a huge relief to me, as previously Striped Elephant had no naysayers, and I’ve never heard a success story that had no naysayers.

These are designs I like, and I’m keeping them that way because life is more fulfilling when you’re running a company you like. I don’t study the masses and fine tune my products to get the highest possible sales. I’m not aiming to make the maximum number of dollars. This is not a company that tries to cater to everyone in that watered-down unsatisfying corporate way. This is a company that makes original things for people who like original things.

If mine is a philosophy you can get behind, and/or you want to support a homegrown small business, thank you, and take a look at the shirts page! Striped Elephant Shirts

-Braden Leigh
Founder of Striped Elephant Apparel