Where did this company come from?

It was created by me, Braden Leigh.

Who are you, Braden Leigh?

I’m an artist who grew up in the Dallas, Texas area. I like to draw, sing, eat pizza, make movies, do parkour, and think about random things. I am also the one to blame for the webcomic Giant’s Teeth.

Why did you make this company?

Because I like drawing, I like designing things, I like making websites, and I like making people smile. Also because making money is (regrettably) the easiest way to make a living in this day and age.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been known to say, “If I had a company, I would [insert ideas about how a company should be run]”. Well now I do have a company and I intend to run it in a way that would make that kid proud. That is to say, be good, fair, and honest. While most companies think of you as a walking money purse and scheme to get you upside-down and open, I have no desire to take advantage of you. I will talk to you like an equal fellow human being, and if you’d rather have one of my shirts than $20, let’s trade.

My goal as a designer is to create simple, charming shirts that puzzle, amuse, and make people happy.

Is the elephant’s name really Striped Elephant?

Yes. He is Striped, of the Elephant family.

What does he like to eat?

Tuna and breadsticks.

Why is he striped?

No one knows. He was born that way.

What are your shirts like?

Soft, comfortable, and high quality. They are 100% ringspun cotton with a double-needle bottom hem and sleeves, shoulder-to-shoulder tape, and are pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage.

Environmentally friendly printing you say? Explain.

Here’s a very quick rundown of how screenprinting usually works: Use toxic emulsion to create was is essentially a stencil. Put plastisol ink (toxic goop) on this stencil, and force it through on to shirt. Then clean the ink off the stencil with upleasant and toxic cleaning chemicals, and eventually clean the emulsion off the stencil with more unpleasant and toxic cleaning chemicals. It’s a noxious process and a lot of it ends up going down the drain.

At Striped Elephant Apparel, we use a simple plastic sheet to make a stencil (no toxic emulsion), then we use non-toxic waterbased ink, and at the end we clean up with just soap and water.

Our ink has no PVC, phthalates, ozone depleting CFCs and HCFCs, formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile solvents, lead, heavy metals, or any toxic chemicals whatsoever (all things found in typical screen printing inks). And as mentioned above, they clean up with soap and water!

How can a small company like you afford to sell such high quality shirts for such low prices?

Well, it’s because this company is very small. I do a lot of the work myself, and work very hard to keep overhead low (for a company), which allows me to compete in price with the big guys. Eventually it will get too big to handle and the company will expand. Or, maybe I will just raise the prices so you guys stop buying so many shirts. 🙂

Will you give all my private information away to evil conglomerates (or any other such things)?

No, I hate hearing about all the information being collected about us all the time. I think privacy is a very important right, and we (ok I) at Striped Elephant Apparel take it seriously. I do everything I can to make sure your information is safe and secure. You can read more here: Privacy Policy.


Absolutely. And it’s free too. Our shipping and handling policy can be found here.

What is wrong with your sheep?

He is upside-down.

Are all the animals sad?

Yeah 🙁

What could make them happy?

Being worn. Probably. (No guarantees)

What does your logo look like again?

Striped Elephant Apparel Logo

I want to help. How can I?

If you like the shirts, you can like our facebook page, and/or make a post about us. Buying a shirt is awesome. Or, if you’re not into those things, you can post flyers and get a free shirt. More information on that here.

Are you supposed to capitalize “facebook”? Because it’s not capitalized in their logo, yet it’s a proper noun. When I capitalize it I feel like I’m getting the name wrong, and when I don’t I feel like I’m getting English wrong.

I have no idea.

I have a question that I guess hasn’t been asked frequently enough to make it on this page. What do I do?

Please, e-mail me at support@StripedEle.com or visit our Contact Page.